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Michelle Cole and Family

Michelle Cole-Wagner

The 2014 winner is the YGB designer of the year award, a trendsetter in creative fashion by making statements of elegance and class that is simply irresistible. Michelle Cole is an international designer and corporate executive of her brand COLEFACTS.

As a teenager designed the wardrobe for a high school fashion contest and hasn’t looked back since and by using her unique creative ability she has made herself and her brand an international trademark.

Models and sponsors have used her design creations in local, Caribbean and International Exposé and Pageants. She has acquired a vast knowledge of various cultures and lifestyles, from traveling the Caribbean Islands, North America and the UK; attending and participating in workshops and exhibitions.

Michelle is a designer who also wears many hats by volunteering her time and skills in giving back as co-founder of FACT (Fashion, Art & Creativity by Talented Students) she is also the winner of the Caribbean Designer of the Year -Best Country Designer Award for Guyana, 2008. She also served as Official Designer of the Accolade-the Guyana Music Awards -2009 and Co-Producer of GENESIS.

Currently settling in New York, Michelle continues to shape and market her brand to fashion houses and various high end runway events and sits on the committee of Miss World Guyana as one of it’s executive directors.

Michelle Cole-Wagner has over a decade of experience in wedding planning. Her resume of successful events has made her one of New York City’s respected event planner. Throughout the years she has worked in all aspects of the industry from creating the most beautiful gowns as a fashion designer to producing some of the memorable and unforgettable weddings.

Participated in Trade Shows / Workshops / Exhibitions such as:

1. Guyana contingent for Carifesta 2006, T&T

2. Bikini Under the Bridge – New York

3. Moda Manhattan, New York, NY -2005

4. Fashion Week of the Americas – Miami (2003, 2005, 2006)

5. Fashion Has No Borders – Canada, 2008

6. Guyana Contingent for Carifesta 2008, GUYANA

7. Barbados Fashion Week

8. St. Kitts Fashion Week

9. Fashion Week of the Caribbean – Jamaica

10. Caribbean Craft & Gift Show – Barbados

11. Bemex – Barbados

12. Caribbean Designers Showcase -St. Vincent

13. Grenada Trade Fair – Grenada o Fashion week of the Americas – Miami

14. Phantom Of the Opera 2013

Michelle Cole
Michelle Cole

Pageant Gown Designer:

1. Miss World Guyana

2. Miss Guyana World

3. Miss Guyana Universe

4. Miss Guyana African Heritage

5. Miss Guyana Talented Teen

6. Miss Guyana Mashramani Pageant

7. Miss Queen of the Caribbean (held in Dominica)

8. Miss Carnival -St Vincent

9.Miss Jam Zone -Co-Designer

10. Miss Hopetown -Barbados

11. Miss West Indies -St. Lucia

12. Miss Hopetown -Barbados

13. Miss West Indies -St. Lucia

Magazine Features, Colefacts, in print:

1. Runway Fashion Magazine

2. Gem Magazine,Feature

3. Unchin Magazine NY

4. Shabeau feature

5. Sunday Post Miami, Feature

6. Caribbean Life, NY, Feature

7. South Florida’s Entertainment News and Views

8. Sister-Sister

9. SHE Caribbean

10. Caribbean Craft